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Dear customers, It is with great pleasure that we welcome you back to our restaurant. We strongly advise you to call 022 755 68 68 before coming to avoid any unpleasant surprises. No reservations on the terrace. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Saigon Pearl

 Make a surprising culinary journey in Vietnam... Authentic & Traditional cuisine The traditional Vietnamese cuisine reflects the cultural and ethnic diversity of the country (the North, the Center and the South); One can traverse through the entire range of culinary specialties of Vietnam in our restaurant Saigon Pearl. Vietnamese Tapas - "Finger Food" All the dishes are conceived/designed to be shared, for the pleasure, for the gluttony and for the usability/conviviality, intensely delicious, varied in taste and in texture. Home made Quality fresh products cooked on the spot with correct of seasoning and temperatures, perfumed with fresh aromatic herbs. Menu follows season’s variations and market arrivals At Saigon Pearl, we make your taste buds sparkle.
 Restaurant Saigon Pearl - 146 route de Suisse - 1290 Versoix Reservation 022 755 68 68 - Email

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